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The #1 Rated Supplier For Office Cleaning Products Across SYDNEY

In the dynamic corporate landscape of Sydney, maintaining a pristine and germ-free office environment isn't just a priority – it's a fundamental requirement. Sprint Cleaning Products, an esteemed name in the realm of office cleaning supplies, has been at the forefront of ensuring the utmost cleanliness and hygiene of offices across Sydney for years.

From the revitalising air freshener refill cans to the protective shield of liquid hand sanitisers, we offer an extensive array of top-tier cleaning products meticulously tailored to address the unique demands of your office space. When you are looking for premium office supplies near you, just call Sprint Cleaning Products. We provide the most reliable and affordable cleaning supplies in Sydney. 

Welcome to cutting-edge office cleaning solutions as we unveil our exceptional range of products and services. Your quest for a cleaner, healthier, and more inviting workspace starts here.

Unveiling Our Office Cleaning Product Lineup

1. Air Freshener Refill Cans - Revitalise Your Workspace

A pleasant and refreshing atmosphere is essential for a productive work environment. Our air freshener refill cans are the perfect solution to keep your office smelling fresh and inviting. With various fragrances to choose from, you can create a welcoming ambience that leaves a lasting impression on your clients and employees.

2. Magic Erasers - Say Goodbye to Stubborn Stains

Office surfaces can often bear the brunt of daily activities, resulting in stubborn stains and marks. Our Magic Erasers are a revelation when it comes to removing these blemishes. These versatile cleaning tools work like magic on various surfaces, ensuring your office looks spotless and professional.

3. Finesse Tissues 2 Ply - Softness and Strength Combined

In any office, tissues are a necessity. Our Finesse Tissues 2 Ply offers a perfect blend of softness and strength. Whether for personal use or maintaining cleanliness in common areas, these tissues are your go-to choice for reliability and comfort.

4. Bin Liners, 36 Litres - Keep Your Office Tidy

Managing waste efficiently is crucial for a clean and organised office. Our bin liners, with a capacity of 36 litres, are designed to fit standard office bins perfectly. They are strong, durable, and leak-resistant, making disposal hassle-free and hygienic.

5. Liquid Hand Sanitiser - Prioritise Health and Safety

In today's world, hygiene and safety are paramount. Our liquid hand sanitiser ensures your employees and visitors can access hand sanitation whenever needed. Keep your office germ-free and reduce the risk of infections with our effective hand sanitising solution.

6. Hand Soap: Clean Hands, Happy Employees

Promote hand hygiene in your office with our range of hand soaps. Clean hands not only prevent the spread of illness but also boost morale. Choose from our selection of hand soaps to keep your office staff feeling clean and refreshed.

7. SANIGEL Hand Sanitiser Gel 75% Alcohol

This hand sanitizer is an ideal solution for all your office employee’s hygiene. Enhance infection control with our Sanigel hand sanitiser gel. With 75% alcohol content, it effectively kills germs on hands, reducing the risk of infection transmission within your facility. You can confidently promote a clean and sanitized workspace for a healthier work environment.

8. MICROSHEILD - Antivirus Sanitiser hand soap

Hand hygiene is critical. Our Microshield Antibacterial Hand Soap helps keep hands clean and free from harmful pathogens. An essential office cleaning supply in today's times. Make MICROSHEILD a part of your daily office routine to promote hygiene, health, and well-being among your employees and visitors.

9. VIRASHIELD - Public Touch Points Sanitiser

Perfect for rapid cleaning of bench tops, tables, chairs, toilet seats, door handles and more. Trust in VIRASHIELD’s proven effectiveness to keep your workspace a safer place for everyone.

10. REVIVE - Carpet Deodoriser

A clean carpet should not only look fresh but also smell fresh. Our Revive Carpet Deodorizer neutralises odours and leaves your carpet smelling inviting. It's the finishing touch to any successful carpet cleaning session.

And much more….

Shipping Services for Sydney Offices

Sprint Cleaning Products go the extra mile to make your office cleaning experience seamless and convenient. 

When you order online, we dispatch orders from our Sydney warehouse within one to five business days, and all shipments come with tracking for your peace of mind. 

To ensure a smooth delivery experience, please ensure that your shipping details are accurate, including postcodes, cities, states, and countries.

Elevate your office cleaning experience with Sprint Cleaning Products

Maintaining a clean and hygienic office space is not just a necessity — it's a reflection of your professionalism. Sprint Cleaning Products stands as your reliable partner in ensuring a pristine workplace.

Our wide range of office cleaning products, along with our shipping services, courier options, and convenient in-store pickup, make us the go-to choice for businesses in Sydney. Basically, a one-stop shop for office cleaning requirements.

Experience the difference with Sprint Cleaning Products today and elevate your office's cleanliness to new heights. Whether you need air fresheners, sanitisers, tissues, or other office cleaning supplies, we have you covered. Say goodbye to the hassle of office cleaning and embrace a fresh, inviting workspace that leaves a lasting impression on clients and employees alike. Call us today on 02-8712 2406 for all your cleaning supplies near you.

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