Customisable Labelling & Packaging

Looking to become a distributor or build your own brand of cleaning products? We offers a range of packaging solutions for your chosen products to meet your specific needs and requirements. We can provide our current products, new & reworked formulations and customised labelling. We also have a variety of different sized bottles, boxes and pails. All safety data sheets and technical product information are provided.



Sprint Cleaning Products specialise in the manufacturing of cleaning products. If your business requires bulk supply of cleaning products, we can tailor to suit your requirements. We supply two types of bulk packaging which are Bulk Liquids Packaging and Bulk Powders Packaging. We also have the machinery required for filling smaller custom bottles. Get in touch with us today for a custom quote for your business.



We Are Built On Partnerships

We work in conjunction with you, our customers and distributors, to fully understand and meet your needs. We provide great customer support and take extra pride with 100% customer satisfaction.

Our High Standards

Our factory produces high quality products, with on-site chemists employed who keep up to date with the latest consumer trends and innovative technology. We are passionate about cleaning, having total commitment to continually improving product excellence.

Our Environmental Obligation

Sprint Cleaning Products is committed to making the world cleaner and safer for future generations. We stray away from harsh chemicals such as formaldehyde and ammonia, with a priority given to user and environmental safety. We aim to keep our chemicals eco-friendly and biodegradable, whilst maintaining optimal performance. We use 100% recycled plastic packaging and recycle all disposables.

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