About Sprint Cleaning Products

Sprint Cleaning Products is a privately owned, Australian company founded over 20 years ago. The company has grown progressively adding new products to help clients, providing leading edge cleaning products. Specialising in manufacturing & distribution, Sprint Cleaning Products are well recognised for innovation and quality, delivering cleaning products that simply work better! 
We have a strong commitment to research and development, with industrial chemists employed who keep up to date with the latest technology. Staff are trained on all products & can provide all technical support which is why our customers have come to trust Sprint Cleaning Products.
We are passionate about cleaning, having total commitment to continually improving product excellence, with a priority given to user and environmental safety. Our product range and knowledge span a wide variety of industries which makes us a valuable partner to our customers as there is no problem we cannot solve together.

Sprint Cleaning Products manufactures products that comply with Australian Standards. We aim to ensure that every product is user friendly, whilst achieving optimal performance and benefit to customers. We use 100% recyclable containers.