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Paper Roll Towel 16 X 80 Metre Rolls - GentilityRoll Towel Paper 16 X 80 Metre Rolls - Sprint Cleaning Products
Microfibre Round Mop 400g Premium Grade - SabcoMicrofibre Round Mop 400g Premium Grade - Sabco
Sale price$22.50
Mop Head Round Microfibre 350g Premium Grade SabcoSabco
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Contractor Mop Heads Premium Textile 400g Refills - SabcoContractor Mop Heads Premium Textile 400g Refills - Sabco
Sale price$13.95
Mop Heads Premium Textile 400g RefillsSabco
Mop Handle 25mm - Sprint Cleaning ProductsMop Handle 25mm - Sprint Cleaning Products
Sale price$10.45
Mop Handle Aluminium 25mmSabco
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Microfibre Cloths 8PK - 100% Thick & Absorbant - Sprint Cleaning Products
Wringer Mop Bucket 16 Litre Heavy Duty - NAB CleanWringer Mop Bucket 16 Litre Heavy Duty - NAB Clean
Sale price$55.00
Wringer Mop Bucket 16 Litre Heavy DutyEdco
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Magic Erasers 100 Pack - Sprint Cleaning Products
Microfibre Glass Cloths 10 pack - Nab Clean

Your Premier Choice for High-Quality Aged Care Cleaning Supplies

At Sprint Cleaning Products, we specialise in manufacturing and providing top-quality aged care cleaning supplies. We understand the unique cleaning needs of aged care facilities, and our commitment to excellence ensures you access the best products designed to maintain impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Wonderclean Premium Multi-Purpose Spray and Wipe

Sale Price: From $29.50 | Regular Price: $32.95

Introducing Wonderclean Premium Multi-Purpose Spray and Wipe—your ultimate cleaning solution. This versatile product is specially formulated to tackle a wide range of surfaces. From countertops to bathroom fixtures, Wonderclean leaves no room for dirt or germs to hide. Keep your facility spotless without breaking the bank.

Oxibright: Lemon Laundry Bleach 4%

Sale Price: From $9.95

Maintain the freshness of your linens with Oxibright Lemon Laundry Bleach. With a 4% active ingredient, it ensures that your laundry is not only clean but also free from harmful bacteria. Affordable and effective — a small investment for the well-being of your residents

Brisk Liquid Hand Soap

Sale Price: From $13.95

Hand hygiene is paramount in senior care facilities. Our Brisk Liquid Hand Soap keeps hands clean and moisturised. Promote good hand hygiene among both staff and residents with this affordable solution.

Fresh Cleaner Sanitiser Deodoriser Disinfectant: Tutti Frutti

Sale Price: From $15.30

Experience the delightful tutti fruity scent of fresh cleaner Sanitiser Deodoriser Disinfectant. This versatile product not only cleans but also leaves a pleasant fragrance behind. Ensure a fresh and clean environment in your facility.

Milk of Eucalyptus: Cleaner, Sanitiser, and Deodoriser

Sale Price: $27.40

Harness the power of eucalyptus oil with Milk of Eucalyptus Cleaner, sanitiser, and deodoriser. This natural and effective cleaning solution cleans, sanitises, and deodorises various surfaces, leaving a refreshing scent.

Microfibre Cloths 8PK: 100% Thick and Absorbent

Price: $11.45

Microfibre Cloths 8PK Thick and Absorbent , For delicate surfaces requiring extra care, our microfibre cloths are the perfect choice. They are thick, absorbent, and gentle on surfaces, making them valuable to your cleaning supplies.

Magic 2000 Glass Cleaner

Sale Price: From $7.95 | Regular Price: $8.95

Achieve crystal-clear windows and glass surfaces with the Magic 2000 Glass Cleaner. It effortlessly removes dirt and streaks, leaving your facility looking its best.

Microshield: Hand Sanitising Gel or Soap

Sale Price: From $18.15

Hand hygiene is critical. Our Microshield Antibacterial Hand Soap helps keep hands clean and free from harmful pathogens. An essential product in today's times

Sanigel Hand Sanitiser Gel (75% Alcohol)

Sale Price: From $23.95.

Enhance infection control with our Sanigel hand sanitiser gel. With 75% alcohol content, it effectively kills germs on hands, reducing the risk of infection transmission within your facility.

Pearlescent-Pearl Hand Soap

Sale Price: $14.95

Indulge in luxury hand hygiene with our pearlescent hand soap. This premium soap cleans and leaves hands feeling soft and refreshed.

Contractor Wipes (90 wipes)

Price: $16.50

For quick cleanups and sanitisation tasks, our contractor wipes offer convenience. Available in various colours, they are perfect for maintaining cleanliness in your facility.

Ultra Shine Tile Cleaner, Shiner, and Protector

Sale Price: From $26.95

Maintain the appearance and hygiene of tiled surfaces with our Ultra Shine 3-in-1 Tile Cleaner, Shiner, and Protector. It cleans, shines, and protects, ensuring your facility stays safe and tidy.

Maxiclean Bathroom Cleaning Disinfectant

Sale Price: From $29.40

Our Maxiclean Bathroom Cleaning Disinfectant effectively eliminates germs and keeps your bathrooms clean and sanitary.

Mist Deodoriser Range

Sale Price: $7.45

Keep your facility smelling fresh with our mist deodoriser range. Available in various scents, these deodorisers neutralise odours, leaving a pleasant fragrance in their wake.

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