WF55 Plus - Alkaline Degreaser


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WF55 Plus is a heavy duty cleaner while still being water based, user-friendly, non-flammable and non-abrasive. Is safe for use in parts washers, steam cleaners and hot or cold pressure washers. Actively removes oil, grease and sludge from concrete, driveways, garage floors, engines, machinery parts, wheels, rims, shop walls, lockers, barbecues, stove tops, lawn mowers, chain saws, saw blades, tools and fireplaces.

Key Benefits

  • Water based.
  • Highly alkaline.
  • Cuts through grease, oil, sludge & grime.
  • Detailing/Professional grade.
  • It is extremely effective for automotive and marine industries. 

Maximum Results

Pre wet the area with water. Apply neat with a brush, mop or spray.  Allow to penetrate thoroughly without letting the degreaser dry, rinse away with gurney/hose. Can be diluted depending on severity of area needing to be degreased.

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