Unique - Upholstery Orange Cleaner


Size: 750ml
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Unique is a professional upholstery pre-spray detergent, based on natural orange oil. Formulated specifically for the effective cleaning of all synthetic upholstery fabrics.

Key Benefits

  • Deep cleans.
  • High grease cutting performance.
  • Stain remover.
  • Based on natural orange oil.

Maximum Results

Spray Unique on to quality microfibre towelling. Using an upholstery steam cleaner, wrap the cloth around the head of the steam cleaner and firmly steam the entire area that needs to be cleaned. For stains spray unique neat onto the stain, allow to soak then clean away with the cloth and steam cleaner.

No steam cleaner available: Spray solution onto the surface, allow a short period to absorb and wipe the surface clean with a quality microfibre cloth. Maintain surface by wiping with a dry towel. Stain removal allow the solution to penetrate for longer before rubbing the stain away.


Colour: Fluro Orange
pH: 10.5
Fragrance: Orange
Dilution: Ready To Use
Safety profile: Non-hazardous

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