Ultra Shine Tile Cleaner Shiner

Size: 5lt
Sale price$21.95


A super concentrated, gentle & biodegradable product, designed for leaving a long lasting shine to any tiled surface, leaving zero residue or detergent haze behind. Also effective at removing dirt from tiles surfaces, contains antibacterial properties to keep your home germ free & infused with lavender oil to keep your rooms smelling fresh. 

Formulated for cleaning, shining, revitalizing & protecting your tiles. It is suitable for use on ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, quarry tiles, floor tiles, wall tiles and sealed terracotta tiles. 

Product is rinse free, apply with a mop or spray application. General cleaning: Dilute 100ml in 4 Litres of warm water. High Strength Cleaning: Dilute 125ml in 4 Litres warm water or 100ml per 3.2 Litres.

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