Strip Clean - Sealer and Wax Stripper


Size: 5lt
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Designed to dissolve and suspend sealer in a liquid emulsion which is easily removed with an auto scrubber or mop and bucket. Suitable for removing sealer and wax films on most type of flooring surfaces such as vinyl, vinyl asbestos, rubber, no-wax linoleum, lino tile, marble, terrazzo, ceramic quarry tiles. Not to be used to remove polish from sealed timber floors.

Key Benefits

  • Fast Acting alkaline stripper.
  • Concentrated.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Dissolves sealer.


Dilute 1 : 20 for normal stripping & cleaning. Mop solution onto floor, leave for 5 minutes to penetrate and then mop up. Dilute 1:5 for heavy build-up of sealer or for degreasing.  Recommended to use a machine with stripping pads. After stripping, rinse with clean water to remove residue completely. Make sure to keep the surface wet at all time when stripping. 

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