Soak It - Laundry Stain Pre Soaker


Size: 5kg Pail
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Soak it has versatile performance against the toughest stains and odours. Excellent for dissolving stubborn stains such as coffee, sweat, grass, tea, red wine, grass and beetroot from all clothing types. 

Key Benefits

  • Effective in hot cold water.
  • Safe fabric stain remover.
  • Suitable for whites and colours.
  • Just add one scoop in every wash.

Maximum Results

Tenacious stains, soak in a sink or bucket with Soak It for 30 minutes. Add into your washing in normal fashion. Always check for colourfastness first by soaking or pre-treating a hidden part of the garment. Items which are colourfast in normal washing may run. Soak colours separately from whites. Only use on washable colourfast fabrics.

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