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Scale Up consists of a powerful blend of acids and cleaning agents to provide a comprehensive descaling liquid.  Will quickly and easily remove limescale, calcium and rust build ups, leaving machines, appliances and plumbing hygienically clean. 


Dishwasher: Pour 200ml of solution directly on to the bottom of your dishwasher floor, (not in rinse aid or tablet compartment), set an empty hot wash and machine will self clean. Coffee machine: Pour 100ml and fill the rest of the tank with water up to the max line. Run the machine until the descaling solution is empty from the tank. Immediately, run through with water until  clean. Washing Machine: Pour 200ml into the detergent compartment. Set a hot wash and begin a cycle of your choosing. 


 This product can also be used for removing milk contamination, concentrated rust and limescale from metal surfaces in contact with hot water such as dishwashers, boilers, coffee maker, washing machine, water heaters, and kettles.


Scale Up - Descaler - SDS