RoboShiner 25ft Extendable Fibreglass Window & Solar Panel Cleaning Pole ( LAST ONE! )


roboshiner: Roboshiner
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Our RoboShiner is brand new innovative technology being introduced to make cleaning windows and solar panels so much easier! Carefully crafted from strong fibreglass materials, making the pole super light weight whilst being extremely sturdy and pretty much unbreakable. 
Such a versatile window cleaning pole which can be used to clean single story windows, or can be extended to reach as high as 4 story windows!
Pole comes complete with hose attachment, does not require a high pressure machine to be operated. Simply attach to your regular hose and away you go. 

The Roboshiner doesn’t require all these old-fashioned techniques and equipment to clean windows and solar panels. Time will be reduced and better results will be achieved!

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