Petal Laundry Powder - Eucalyptus


Size: 5kg
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A concentrated LOW FOAMING powder which should be used sparingly and with measured dosage.  A formidable enzyme free cleaning system which cleans & tackles stubborn stains such as dirt, sauce, blood, coffee & make-up. Petal Eucalyptus contains powerful active surfactants for superior cleaning power with no added phosphates. Regular laundering with Petal Eucalyptus reduces the level of dust mite allergens. Use scoop supplied, 100 medium sized washes per 5kg. Use 1/2 scoop for small capacity, automatics and twin tubs. Use 1 scoop for top loading, automatic and front loaders. Use 1 1/2 scoop for large capacity washers. 

✔️ Add powder to wash at any time.

✔️ Suitable for use in hot or cold water.

✔️ Biodegradable

✔️ Brightens colours and whites.

✔️ Suitable for front loaders being a low sudsing formula.

✔️ Powerful & concentrated to remove ground in dirt.

✔️Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied.

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