Pan Degreaser - Soaking Detergent

Size: 5lt
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A soaking detergent specifically designed for removing build ups of grease, oil and grime from pots, pans, bonjos, hot plates, trays ect without removing paint or causing damage. Non-harmful to aquatic life, based on non hazardous alkaline salts and detergents.

Key Benefits

  • Soak parts overnight for easy rinsing.
  • Product is non corrosive & non flammable.
  • Non caustic.
  • Safely strips grease, oil and grime.
  • pH 9-10.


For heavy build up, fill half a sink with warm water and empty in the entire contents of the 5L container. Can be diluted further when items have less build up. Place trays, banjos, pots & pans ect, into solution, separating were possible. Leave to soak overnight (soaking time varys depending on severity.) After soaking remove and rinse clean. More stubborn build up may require scrubbing with a brush or a second treatment to remove remaining layers. 

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