Puroma Fruity Air Freshener Long Lasting Scent

Size: 750ml
Sale price$14.25


Designed to kill bacteria & germs in areas around the house or office, while leaving a powerful fruity scent behind. Contains high levels of special deodorising oils and germ-killing, mouldicidal agents for removing bad odours from areas, leaving a long lasting fruity fragrance. Rooms stay smelling fresh for longer with high levels of deodorising oils.

Ideal for killing the source of germs and deodorising all  areas of the house/office.  Eliminates wet carpet odours and unpleasant smells coming from food, rubbish, spilt liquids ect. Leaves a special fruity smell behind which is extremely long lasting.

Fill atomiser/spray with solution & spray directly into the air and onto any surfaces to kill germs and leave a long lasting scent.

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