Shower Blast Bathroom All Purpose Cleaner

Size: 750ml
Sale price$6.99



A unique blend of surface active biodegradable detergents & alkaline salts for removing the toughest mould, soap scum, dirt, grease & grime from bathrooms. A powerful cleaner with a minty fragrance, leaves a glistering clean, shining finish while using no caustic ingredients, no chlorine or ammonia. 


Showers: Apply the product undiluted to entire area including glass. Scrub effected areas, allow to penetrate for 5 minutes & rinse away. For general cleaning of toilets, bathroom floor, bath, glass, sinks & vanities, product can be diluted 1:4.


Ideal for cleaning mould, soap scum, dirt, grease & grime from showers, glass, sinks, baths, floors, vanities & toilets.

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