IC128 - Oven & Grill Cleaner

Size: 5lt
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A fast acting caustic-based foamy detergent, ideal for the dissolving & removal of fats, oil, carbon, burnt food & grease. Super concentrated, effortlessly cuts through heavy build ups, reducing cleaning time and leaving kitchens hygienically clean.


Use rubber gloves & avoid contact with skin. This product is not intended for use on aluminum. Swabbing use 100ml per 5L of HOT water. Apply to surface & re-wet if necessary. To loosen up heavy carbon build up, apply undiluted & scrub with steel wool & rinse clean. For soaking equipment & utensils use a solution of 100ml per 20 liters of water. Using hot water will achieve best results.


Designed for removing fat, grease, carbon and burnt-on food residues from ovens, grills, hotplates, ranges, deep fryers & barbecues.


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