Hypobleach - Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5%

Hypobleach - Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5% - Sprint Cleaning Products

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Hypobleach is a clear, slightly yellowish solution with a characteristic odour. A compound that can be effectively used for water purification and on a large scale for surface purification, bleaching, odour removal and water disinfection. 100% pure bleach 12.5% chlorine available when packed.


Apply using a mop or spray and wipe, wash away with water. Light cleaning  add 10ml to 5l water. Heavy cleaning add 100ml to 5 litres water. Laundry add 50-75ml to 10l water. Pools add undiluted with filter cycle for chlorine.


A versatile product which may be used for cleaning, sanitizing, chlorinating & when diluted as a laundry whitener. Effective for removal of fungus, mould & bacteria. Suitable for commercial & domestic use.