Dax Plus - Concrete Cleaner/Descaler

Dax Plus - Concrete Cleaner/Descaler - Sprint Cleaning Products

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Made with a blend of wetting agents, glycol ethers, inhibitors and hydrochloric acid having a powerful de-scaling action. Dax plus is a water soluble, fast acting cleaner, formulated for the cleaning & descaling of rust, lime scale, efflorescence, mould & mortar splashes from concrete, hard stone & brick surfaces. Cleans and etches concrete floors, ensures effective 'key' for floor seal application. Easily removes industrial grime and stains from brick and stone exteriors, whilst also being excellent at de-scaling and de-rusting metals prior to painting.


Dilute 1: 10 and up to 1:50 depending on soiling requirements. Brush over soiled area, allow to penetrate, rinse off thoroughly with water. De-scaling metal: Dilute 1 part to 4 parts water. An Industrial strength product, it should be tested on a small inconspicuous area for any possible damage. 


Ideal for brick, acid resistant stone, concrete & concrete pavers. Suited for cleaning & descaling rust, lime scale, efflorescence, mould & mortar splashes. Do not use on sealed concrete, or natural stone.