Dax Lemon Concrete Tile and Grout Cleaner

Size: 5lt
Sale price$16.50


Dax lemon is a water soluble, safe yet powerful acid wash. Designed to safely clean residue and general dirt off grouting, tiled and most hard surface areas. Also effective on rust stains. Contains 100g per litre sulphamic acid.

Ideal for civil cleaning services doing initial and final cleans in construction sites. Safe for use on tiles, most stones (DO NOT USE ON NATURAL STONE), concrete, masonry and grout surfaces. Removes cement grout haze & residue, efflorescence, ground-in dirt and soil, mineral & hard water deposits, mortar haze and residue, rust stains, sealer residue, soap scum and more.

Dilute 1: 10 & up to 1:50 for normal cleaning depending on soiling requirements. Brush/mop over effected area, allow to penetrate and rinse off thoroughly with water.

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