D60 Dishwashing Detergent Apple Lemon or Mint

Size: 5lt
Fragrance: Apple
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Neutral, concentrated detergent for cleaning dishes, glasses, utensils, cutlery, pots and pans inside a sink. Easily dissolves grease, oils & food residues with minimal scrubbing required. D60 can also be used as a general cleaner and laundry detergent if required.

Suitable for sink dishwashing. Ideal for restaurants, kitchens, catering, commercial & residential use. May also be used as a general cleaning detergent if required.

Dish washing: Use 2 tablespoons to wash a sink full of dishes. Then allow dishes to drip dry.

General cleaning: Use 1/4 cup to 5 litres of hot water. Swab or mop with solution, then rinse or mop with clean water.

Washing machine: Add to washing machine as regular laundry liquid. Ideal for hand washing of delicate fabrics.

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