CG30 Aluminium Decarboniser

Size: 5kg
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A heavy duty, concentrated, alloy parts soaking detergent that is effective in removing oil, grease and carbon on parts made of aluminium. Superb for mechanics and part washers to soak things over night, come back in the morning to clean parts.

Use 200 grams of CG30 per 5 litres of water. Heat the bath to 200 degrees f, or boil and immerse parts for 1 to 3 hours. Remove and flush with water. Follow with an inhibiting rinse, to protect clean surface from atmospheric rust. CG-30 decarboniser may be used as a cold soak bath at 400 grams per 5 litres of water for 12-24 hours when heating facilities are not available.

A heavy-duty cleaner that is safe for aluminium and alloy heads, pistons, etc. Can be used in a hot or cold wash. Used in spray cabinets, part  washers, soak tanks, and ultra sonic wash cabinets. Not intended to be used on soft metals.

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