Carpet Power - Extraction Shampoo


Size: 5lt
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Formulated from a unique surfactant system that emulsifies oils, suspends soils and shampoo residues commonly found in carpets. Ultra low foaming, highly concentrated fluid, Carpet Power is the preferred choice around children and pets. Ideal for use in hot water extraction machines, spray product neat for stain removal.

Key Benefits

  • Environmentally safe.
  • Emulsifies oils and suspends soils.
  • Leaves zero sticky residue contamination behind.
  • Safe for all colours and fibres.
  • Can use in extraction machines.
  • Great carpet spotter cleaning ink, blood, wine ect.
  • Leave carpets bright and clean.
  • Contains a deodorant to eliminate wet carpet odours.

Colour: Purple
pH: 9
Fragrance: Powder Fresh
Dilution: 1:50
Safety profile: Non-hazard

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