Spray Bottle - Pressurised, EPOCA A-Type 1.5-litre EPDM (Made in Italy)


Product: Sprayer
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For the fast, hand-spayed application of SPRINT's cleaning chemicals and dilutions that require EPDM gaskets, such as chlorite, alkalines, ketones, silicones and alcohol-based chemicals. Spare parts are available for order separately.

Features & Benefits:

  • Structural parts of the head in resistant polypropylene (PP).
  • Safety valve for automatic depressurization at +- 3 bar; it can be used also manually for releasing the pressure, necessary prior to opening the container.
  • Equipped with a protective cap that protects the non return valve from direct liquid contact prolonging its lifetime.
  • This product is made to last.

Technical Specifications:

Total capacity 1860ml
Operating capacity 1500ml
Gasket EPDM
Nozzle Adjustable
Safety valve Yes
Max pressure 3.00bar
Pumping rod in PP

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