Blue Snow Concentrated Snow Foam

Size: 500ml
Sale price$10.95


Super thick and highly concentrated premium snow foam. Designed to clean new/delicate paint on vehicles, boats, jet skies and bikes, minimising chances of wash induced swirls and scratches in your paint by loosening any potential scratching particles and grit.

✔️ Can be used by its self for washing of sea spray, salt build up and light dirt/dust.

✔️Extra thick and long lasting foam.

✔️ Will not stain paint or thin paint coating.

✔️ Neutralised PH to ensure paintwork is kept in prestige condition.

Dilute with water at a rate of 1:10. For best results use with a pressure washer and foam cannon. Product can be used as a pre wash, or by foaming car and scrubbing clean with washing mitt.

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