Unikleen Heavy Duty Spray and Wipe

Size: 5lt
Sale price$26.40


Specially designed for spray and wipe cleaning without leaving greasy films & residue behind. Dissolves all soils including grease, grime, fat, carbon, dirt, oil films, bathroom deposits and stains such as wine, lipstick etc. Pleasantly fragranced leaving your surfaces smelling fresh and clean.

Will clean hard surfaces such as walls, stoves, laminex, glass, shower recesses, paintwork, venetian blinds, porcelain, stainless steel, chrome etc. Soft surfaces – vinyl upholstery, synthetic fibre carpets and rugs. Recommended for Motels, Shops, Offices, Garages, Bakeries, Milk Factories, Commercial Cleaners, Industrial Outlets, Hotels & Hospitals. 

Apply as a spray cleaner and wiped away by bucket & mop, wiper, pressure spraying machines, floor scrubbing machines or steam cleaning machines.

Dilute with water to suit your level of cleaning. 

Heavy Duty Application 1:5.

Medium Duty Application1:20.

Light Duty Application 1:100

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