Whirlwind Ammoniated Truck Wash

Size: 5lt
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Whirlwind is a concentrated multi-purpose powerful cleaning gel. Developed to effectively remove the toughest dirt, mud, grease, oil film, road grime, soot and bugs from all painted surfaces, breaking them down leaving a streak free, sparkling clean finish on all surfaces.


Add ¼ to ½ cup of whirlwind to a bucket of water. Sponge over the vehicle, working from the top down, rinse with clean water before wash solution dries. Use 50ml per 5lts warm water for floors, walls, paintwork, porcelain, tiles etc, and all washable surfaces. Stubborn and hard to remove grease & stains: use neat on damp cloth and rinse off with water.


Heavy duty cleaning gel which is excellent for cleaning all types of vehicles, 4WDs, motorcycles, trucks, caravans & boats. Can also be used for any hard surface such as floors, walls, paintwork, tiles ect.


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