Robospin Mop

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$169.95 $199.99

👉🏻No Wire Bondage                   👉🏻Switch button water spray function
👉🏻Easy to use                            👉🏻180° range of movement.
👉🏻Floor Waxing                          👉🏻Works on all hard flooring surfaces
👉🏻Ultra fast drying time              👉🏻Rotating swivel
👉🏻Streak Free                            👉🏻No dead angle
👉🏻30-45 Minutes working time   👉🏻Magic button low energy consumption
👉🏻Removes Stubborn stains     👉🏻Low noise
👉🏻LED light to detect stains       👉🏻Double Microfiber pad rotation

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