Grilla Kleen - Non Caustic Oven & Grill Detergent

Grilla Kleen - Non Caustic Oven & Grill Detergent - Sprint Cleaning Products

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A super active non-caustic oven cleaner, designed to be safer & for when caustic cleaners are too corrosive for alloys and other ferrous metals. During the cleaning process a two-pronged attack is created within the active ingredients to remove the grime but also prevent bacteria growth to maintain a hygienically clean surface.


Spray neat & allow to penetrate. For heavy carbon build up, use a wire brush and rinse equipment thoroughly, then apply Non-Caustic Oven Cleaner undiluted and then rinse off thoroughly after 5 minutes.  Further applications may be diluted depending on the severity of build-up.


A non caustic detergent for the dissolving & removal of fats, carbons, oils, burnt on food  & grease from ovens, grillers, hotplates, grills, barbeques & greasy floors. Very effective on stainless steel and good for soaking stainless steel pots, pans, and trays. Should not be used on aluminium pots or pans.