Spear - Cling Bleach Gel

Size: 5lt
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 Thick Spear is a powerful cleaner and sanitiser with built-in detergents, caustic and chlorine additives. Removes grease, fats, mould, stains and residues with a unique clinging bleaching action. A concentrated product which offers a very effective method of killing undesirable micro organisms (germs, bacteria, fungi, etc.)


Apply directly to surface, agitate & leave for approximately 2 minutes. Thoroughly rinse surface with fresh water. Use ½ cup in 10 litres water for bathroom floors. Kitchens use in a spray & wipe application.


Ideal for showers, toilets, sinks, bathroom floors, toilets & can be used as a sanitiser/disinfectant. Can also be used in kitchen areas & on food processing equipment.


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