Maxisolve - Aluminium Degreasing Detergent

Maxisolve - Aluminium Degreasing Detergent - Sprint Cleaning Products

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Maxisolve is a water soluble, solvent based cleaner designed for FAST cleaning of aluminium and hard surfaces. A special blend of solvents mixed with highly alkaline salts & detergents that combined together creating a 2 pronged attack directly on the source of heavy build ups, quickly dissolving the soiling & leaving areas hygienically clean. Great for those tough cleaning jobs around the factory/garage/warehouse.


For heavy maintenance cleaning use a solution of 1 part maxisolve to 10 parts hot water. Use undiluted on extremely heavy build up deposits. For general cleaning of floors & walls use 1 cup of maxisolve to a full to a bucket of hot water.


Ideal for aluminium surfaces, aluminium hood filters & cooking equipment, extremely greasy floors, machinery, shower rooms, toilets & heavily soiled areas.